For a decade this city has been proud to serve your every need: Joy, Freedom, Toilets! AMI, a digital intelligence that anticipates your every query and whim.

But the future poses serious challenges. It’s time for debate and innovation.

What is AMI and what does she mean? How can we become more responsible Citizens and minimise waste and destruction? How do Business, the Economy and Jobs fit into that? What can we learn from Boomtown’s History? Are we all doomed and what should we do if that’s the case?

To shape our Future, we need YOU: to be the change makers, the leaders, the thinkers, the dreamers.

So we’re bringing you a place where you can become the You-est you you’ve always dreamed of… Ivory Towers Academy!

We look forward to seeing you at Boomtown and eventually celebrating with you at Graduation.

Stay Curious,

Vice Chancellor Barbara Horowitz

PS. Enrollment Exams for 2020 will begin shortly

Applicants should review the Study Guide found here