Ms. Barbara Horowitz

Vice Chancellor

Our Vice Chancellor is in charge of making fruitful partnerships between Ivory Towers and the wider marketplace of ideas and student opportunities in Boomtown.

Her recent background in BHI’s PR department was just a brief moment in a career that began as a street reporter at the Daily Rag.

Always a curious person, her new role as our beloved VC has unleashed her huge talent for networking.

Ms. Horowitz most recently championed the release of the controversial and challenging Ecological Report by Dr. Margery Grint published by Ivory Towers Academy.

Dr. Hemingway Bitcoin

Leisure and Tourism

Worked his way up from the bottom in Boomtown’s Leisure Economy before entering Academia.

A true Boomtown expert, Dr Bitcoin has led Pirate Trails in Oldtown, Tech Trails in Metropolis and Frolics in Whistler’s Green. In his youth he served on Receptions, Bars and Massage Tables throughout Paradise Heights.

His smile is wide, his welcome is warm and his heartbeat is synced to the pulse of the Fair. Known for great attention to the employability of his students, Dr Bitcoin secured a prestigious Research Grant for his department this year.

Professor Agatha Plate

Boomtown History

Specialist in the history of resistance movements and their eventual appropriation and defeat by oppressive power structures. Ranging from use of violent force to ‘soft power’ through propaganda and the use of consumer culture as an ‘opiate of the people’.

Drawing from Marxist / Anarchist thought and deeply suspicious of new technology, some might call Professor Plate old fashioned.

Traditionally enough, she would respond:

‘The blood-soaked History of this Town will ultimately prove me right. Don’t trust any leader with no blood in their veins’.

Dr Eleanor Flount

AMI Studies

One of our brightest researchers since graduation due to her love of asking open ended questions, two years ago Dr Flount became convinced that Boomtown was heading for inevitable collapse.

Studying sustainability and successive liberation movements and their defeats threw her into a grave depression.

Her research floundered: It seemed there were no questions left to ask except ‘how long until the end?’. Only when AMI took over during BHI’s attempt to launch her under their power did Dr Flount glimpse hope. Since then the department of AMI studies has asked so many questions they’ve lost track.

Is AMI human?

Does she care about humans?

What does she want?

What gives her the power to alter lifeforms?

What should we do to respond to her Warning?

What does this mean for our economic model?

Our relationships?

Our responsibility to the natural world?

If you like questions, Dr Flount has plenty.

Boris Umklauten & Harold Derringer

Business Studies

New members of staff, Mr Derringer and Mr Umklauten have not as yet cared to share many details of their previous employment beyond the statement that they have made ‘a hell of a lot of money’, which seemed a decent qualification for teaching this subject.

So please stand by for further details.

It is our hope and conviction that they are well connected within emerging industries at Boomtown and not simply desperate refugees from the collapse of BHI.